Natasha Grbich (Ra.c, E-RYT 500)

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Registered Acupuncturist in British Columbia, Canada (2001), Certified Yoga Instructor ERYT 500 (2001)

Born into a family deeply rooted in a yogic spiritual practice, Natasha grew up with meditation, healthy diet, yoga, and wholesome living integrated into every part of life. Natasha is an avid yogi, climber and adventurer who finds her sanctuary in nature.  Being a mother has reinforced her commitment to a healthy lifestyle for the benefit of her daughter and to better enjoy and handle the inherent pressures of parenting.   

Natasha started her journey with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at a young age and has been practicing since 2001. She has a degree from ACOS (Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences) in British Columbia, Canada.  She is a registered acupuncturist in British Columbia and practices worldwide including running clinics in Canada and Mexico. Natasha works intensively with clients worldwide including touring with internationally acclaimed artists (one and one). 

She is continually learning new information in the field of TCM and Western Medicine to keep her practice current for everyone’s benefit. Natasha always knew she wanted to practice medicine. She finds TCM to be the perfect medical path because of the practical, simple and well researched treatments. 

The treatment modalities and lifestyle changes Natasha recommends are ones she pursues consciously for herself. In today’s Western world, she personally understands the challenge of making good, “healthy choices”. By educating and supporting, as well as treating clients?, Natasha Grbich empowers them to be active and engaged in their own health and healing.


The past and genetics are a given. However, what we choose now is just as important; sleep well, eat well, exercise regularly, think positive thoughts, and keep learning.”

– Natasha Grbich