Natasha Grbich (Ra.c, E-RYT 500)

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Registered Acupuncturist in British Columbia, Canada (2001), Certified Yoga Instructor ERYT 500 (2001)


Originally drawn to and still inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine’s holistic approach to health, Natasha has been based out of Vancouver, BC and travelled extensively for work abroad. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) considers all aspects of one’s life including the environment, genetics, daily schedule, diet, emotions, exercise and spirituality. Further, Natasha appreciates the numerous non-invasive treatment options afforded through TCM to enhance, treat and balance an individual while also preventing illness. She also enhances her TCM practice by incorporating her love of practicing and teaching the ancient science of Yoga.

Natasha Grbich was raised in the Sant Mat spiritual tradition and has practiced physical Asana since 1999. Teaching yoga evolved naturally, and in 2001, she took her first teacher training program. She now teaches Jivamukti, Vinyasa, Hatha and Rehabilitation Yoga. The treatment modalities and lifestyle changes Natasha recommends, she pursues consciously for herself.  In today’s Western world, she personally understands the challenge of making good, “healthy choices”. By educating and supporting, as well as treating patients, Natasha Grbich empowers them to be active and engaged in their health and healing.


The past and genetics are a given. However, what we choose now is just as important; sleep well, eat well, exercise regularly, think positive thoughts, and keep learning.”

– Natasha Grbich